Kind Words

"I thought I should be able to get organized on my own and that this service was more of a luxury.  Boy was I wrong!  Not only was it affordable, one day with Anne completely changed my daily life.  I love going in my closets now and can find things quickly and easily.   My husband wants Anne to do his garage & work room next!"

-Kristin W.  Fitness Coach, Mother of 2

“Anne has been an incredible asset in helping me organize my home. She helped me get control of overflowing closets, desk/home office and kitchen. She is terrific at implementing organizing systems, creating new habits and getting me hooked on EverNote. She is super flexible and very easy to work with - she also makes it fun!”   

-Amy, Singer-Songwriter, Mother of 3

"Anne was great. She came to our overly-cluttered apartment and worked with us to sort the toys, books and other items that had taken over our living room. Anne came up with great ideas that not only organized our apartment but also made the space feel bigger. She was very friendly and took the time that was needed to properly sort all of our "stuff". I would highly recommend Anne to anyone who needs help organzing their space and making it as efficient as possible.”     

-Matthew, New York City Dad

"It is so worth the money! Having the assistance to get started, the guidance or 'homework' for in between visits and the finished project feels GREAT!!"

-Deb, Mother of Twins, Harpers Ferry, WV

"Anne is the person you want by your side when you are staring down dozens of boxes from a move; dangerously overfull closets; piles of stuff you can't bear to part with but haven't used in decades; or a kitchen that seems smaller and smaller with every implement you need to stash. She combines great ideas with a commitment to finishing every project, has just the right "coach" touch, and is a great and enthusiastic person. You'll WANT to organize with Anne. Can't recommend her highly enough!” 

-Andrea, Health Care Policy Advisor & Mother of Twins

"Working with an organizer gave me motivation, expertise, someone to "own" the project alongside of me, stepping out of inertia and into action, new ideas, willingness to try things that would have seemed overwhelming on my own. It was great.  Anne, you are a creative, yet methodical thinker and fun to talk to! I really can not thank you enough for your vision, patience, and help in streamlining our space!"      

-Joanna, Rabbi & Mother of 2

"I'm so glad I did it...and am now motivated to do other rooms and areas.   I thought I was pretty organized before but realize I'm not as much as I thought I was and your skills and eye are tremendous...I'm going to miss the days we got together! Thanks for the inspiration..."  

-Tanya, Immigration Attorney & Mother of Two

"Anne gave me manageable tasks to complete in between our sessions, and I felt that I needed to get them done before out next time together so as not to waste anyone's time.  Because the homework assignments were discrete and possible to accomplish in whatever time I gave myself to do them, I felt very satisfied after finishing them.  What's nice about working with an organizer is that someone is keeping the clock so the work stays moving.  You aren't allowed to get sidetracked by memory lane."  

-Monica, Nutrition Consultant & Mother of 2





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