Step One Organizing offers the following services & More....


Offices & Paper Management

  • Purge paper and create filing systems

  • Maximize storage space

  • Assist with reducing paper & going digital

  • Systematize your workspace to increase productivity and minimize distraction.


  • Learn how to arrange items for maximum ease and productivity while cooking

  • Create systems to keep track of and use what you have, which saves you money.

  • Maximize storage in cabinets, drawers, pantries.

  • Make the space functional and user friendly for everyone who uses it.


  • Sort through your contents to maximize space

  • Adapt the arrangement for full visibility of your clothes, shoes, and accessories.  

  • Figure out how to make the most of odd shaped closets, vertical space etc.

Kids Rooms

  • Empower kids to be organized with age appropriate set up.

  • Create systems to manage the never-ending cycle of clothes & toy storage as kids grow.

  • Make shared space functional & personal for all roommates.

Family Rooms

  • Make family spaces work for members of all ages, while allowing for order and a clean look.

  • Manage the flow of toys, books, video games, newspapers, personal items in family spaces.


  • Moving

  • New Baby

  • Marriage/Divorce

  • Empty Nest

  • Downsizing


Emergency Decluttering

  • Unexpected guests?

  • Need to make space for a special event?  

  • Basement flooded, time to clean it out?


We can help you out.