To Bieber or Not to Bieber, that is the Question.

In the first grade, my daughter fell hard for Justin Bieber.  He himself was still a wee one – and he won her over big. She and a friend sang “Baby” in the school talent show, complete with Ludacris rap in the middle. Her little brother followed along with the craze, learning all the words as well, allowing for wonderful Donnie & Marie-like performances around the house. Even then it wasn’t easy to be a Belieber (as I’m sure you know Bieber fans are called.) Many of the kids at school hated him and teased anyone who felt otherwise. But my girl stood strong, wore her purple Bieber swag proudly and sang his songs everywhere she went.  Which explains why this item was on my bathroom sink:


She made this at a pottery place that year, and for a time it held pencils and pens. It remained on her desk for a while, but now as she enters the final phases of the tween years, she has updated her room, and the guitar was put in the trash. I was shocked and asked– “Are you sure?”  With no hesitation she said: “Yeah. I don’t use that.”   

But I couldn’t let it go and so I took it out.  It’ll hold my toothbrush, I thought.  As long as it’s put to good use, I can continue to enjoy the memory.  That’s what I tell my clients afterall...

But when you put a toothbrush in it, this happens:


So, I thought, maybe makeup pencils:


Nice thought, but my favorite ones are always the shortest, and they were easily stuck.

I moved it out of the bathroom. 

I tried it on the desk in the kitchen, didn’t hold enough.

I tried it in my office, but alas, I’ve already put two pieces of 3D kid art to good use in there:


So I decided that well, if it isn’t practical, then I’ll just treat it like art, and put it on display:


But let’s be honest, it isn’t really high art, once you look at it like that. So what now? Stick it in the basement where it will please no one and just take up space until I move or die? Stick it in a treasure box? Who is the treasure for? The daughter who will one day grow up and STILL not care about this little knick knack?

I welcome your ideas for how to use this thingy. But I’m starting to think it might just be time to say goodbye to Bieber’s guitar. 

Luckily, I’ve still got the little girl who loved him so…loves him still.


Bieber Doll, in his home on tweener’s bathroom mirror. If you push his belly, he sings.