Disorganization steals time and wastes money. Understanding your business and your employees unique needs, we can help you create efficiency & calm in the workplace.


Offices, Cubicles & workspaces

  • Work with individuals & small teams in offices, cubicles & open workspaces to declutter, maximize efficiency and improve workflow.

  • Sort, purge and organize paperwork & supplies

  • Establish and/or update filing systems

  • Select & shop for storage solutions

Storage & Public spaces

The task of cleaning out the supply closet, organizing the break room, or keeping the reception area clutter-free often fall upon the shoulders of people who have more pressing work to do. We can take care of these tasks for you and use our experience and skills to make these spaces easier for everyone to use and maintain.


Moving Support

  • Help prepare for an office move by purging and organizing current spaces to make new offices efficient and clutter free from day one.

  • Assist with crafting a storage plan in new space

  • Unpacking & Organizing in the new office


Executive Team Support

Work with teams of managers & assistants to help organize spaces, files & workflows for clarity, ease, and efficiency.

Project Management Consulting Services

  • Break an organizing or office project down into manageable steps.

  • Create a project plan & track deadlines.

  • Clean-Out Days, File Storage Management etc..

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