Disorganization steals your space, your time, your mental energy.  Becoming organized can help you steal it back, and reduce your stress level in the process. Getting there takes time, and sometimes a little help.  Organizing is a chore for some, much like exercising or dieting.  It helps to have a trainer. The professional organizers at Step One Organizing, located in Loudoun County, Virginia can get you in shape.

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Consider hiring an organizer if:

Paper management has gotten away from you...

You have trouble finding important papers you need in your home workspace and it is causing you problems: appointments missed, payments late, things you wanted to read never get read. 

You are going through a life transition...

Moving, getting married or divorced, having a baby, starting a business or a death in the family can overwhelm even the most organized person.  An organizer can be the extra set of hands and eyes you need to you get to the other side of your transition.

Your space is adding stress to your daily life...

Every time you squish that closet door closed, shove that stuff back under the bed, or cringe when you look in that one drawer, the anxiety piles on.  Your home should be a refuge from all that.  In a short amount of time, an organizer can help you tackle that nagging area that has plagued you for years.

We are here to help you solve these problems.